Welcome to the Bartender Links page.  Here you will find helpful information about things that are of interest to bartenders.

TIPS - The Global Leader in Alcohol Server and Seller Training.

FLIP Liability Insurance - 1-3 day coverage or yearly.

Flair Bartenders' Association - Flair Bartenders' Association, Inc. is dedicated to the sport of flair bartending.

Flair Bartending TV - FlairBartendingTV was developed with a single mission in mind: to help people learn to flair bartend.

Nightclub & Bar Show - The Nightclub & Bar Show is the nation’s most influential gathering of bar, nightlife, hospitality and beverage professionals, who annually come together in Las Vegas.

National Restaurant Association - The National Restaurant Association is the largest food service trade association in the world.  Supporting over 500,000 restaurant businesses.

The National Bartenders Association - The NBA was founded in 1986. Its' purpose is to provide bartenders and waitstaff with benefits and information that will enhance their lives and advance their careers.

The International Bartenders Association - The International Bartenders Association, founded on 24 February 1951 in the Saloon of the Grand Hotel in Torquay, England, is an international organisation established in order to represent the best bartenders in the world.